Charity Fashion Exchanges are a major hit.

Rails filled with gorgeous items just waiting to be discovered – brand new and excellent quality, no longer wanted garments and accessories donated by individual supporters, clothing retailers, boutiques and designers.

Money raised at these exchanges is then used to fund Early Childhood Development and teacher training projects in impoverished areas.

House of Trinity will be donating a portion of proceeds as well as garments to help this worthy cause. We love the work and dedication of the chic mamas volunteer team.

Have a look at some of their most recent triumphs…


With your next wardrobe cleanout, why not donate those newly-worn items that never felt quite right? That way they end up in the hands of someone who loves them at a bargain (who doesn’t love a bargain?) and proceeds will go to a worthy cause.

To donate clothing or if you would like to give in other ways, please contact: 0828086288


‘In the last year we have established a fully kitted out preschool and a Crèche with covered, sheltered play areas. Both are on a securely fenced plot of vacant land so provide a safe playground. Something which is taken for granted in most places, is the simple access to clean drinking water. We have also managed to install a water harvesting system that provides running water for ablutions, as well as drinking water. The alternative is communal ablutions where taps are too far away for children to go to alone.  So this addition has been instrumental in increasing children’s safety in this area.

Container conversions donated 60% of the cost of the preschool park home, and the concrete loos were a donation by ROCLA. While plumbing, fencing, guttering contractors gave generous quotes, close to R280k came from garment sales. Nomusa Dlungwana who heads up the Crèche is just finishing the first of three years of ECD training at Caversham Institute  – all funded by Chic Mamas.  She has employed 2 assistants whom with she shares her input. They have also begun attending ECD waste2toys workshops that we fund.